JM-B-6E on-line vibration monitoring and fault analysis system
  • Product Name: JM-B-6E on-line vibration monitoring and fault analysis system

System description

1.Opening type system overall design

2. Advanced and reliable hardware design

3.Convenient signal connection

Relevant process parameters can be got through serial communication (RS232, RS485) or communicate through ethernet from DCS, site intelligent instrument.

4.Professional and practical software design

5.Real time monitoring and alarm

  • Shaft vibration, bearing vibration, rotation speed, displacement, differential expansion of real time monitoring equipment
  • Provide equipment running state parameter bar graph and equipment simulation running diagram.
  • Provide equipment vibration transmission value display diagram.
  • Provide vibration amplitude tendency chart, which can select vibration amplitude change trend of monitoring measuring point.
  • Provide time, rotation speed display.
  • Provide equipment running state display.
  • Provide second level alarm function to each path vibration signal, real time list displays path alarm status, the alarm is yellow, when there is danger, it is.
  • Identify key phase signal state.

6. Historical data storage

  • Vibration dynamic signal original wave data and important vibration characteristics data during daily running of storage equipment.
  • During equipment speed rising and decreasing (start and stop state), according to rotation speed change rate, store vibration original wave and vibration characteristics as the important data file of the equipment.
  • Vibration characteristics data storage of each path includes:
  • Overall amplitude, intensity/interval voltage (eddy current sensor)
  • 1/2X, 1X, 2X multiples frequency amplitude and 1X phase
  • Provide back-up function of running data and historical storage, draw important stage data to make off-line analysis.

7.Accident recall and alarm file storage

  • Newest 100 pcs alarms, brake and recovery situations of each path data of record system, including name of test point, alarm or recover time, rotation speed, overall frequency value and alarm status, etc.
  • Provide alarm list display function.
  • When equipment transfers from normal state to path with alarm state, the system automatically transfers into alarm storage state, adding storage density, record the vibration characteristics data and original wave date of before and after period of (can be set) alarm point occurrence.

8. Statement printing

  • Provide diagram printing and printing pre-view function for all the supervision, analysis diagram except for bar diagram.
  • Provide vibration characteristics historical data, speed up and down data report printing function.
  • Provide alarm list printing function.

9. Parameter setting

  • Provide on-line running parameter setting method.
  • Provide path information configuration method, including: path name, sensor type, installation direction, full scale value, alarm up limit, up up limit and equal of the same supporting face path.
  • Provide storage method setting, set timing storage interval and duration, rotation speed change rate of fixed rotation change rate storage.
  • Provide flexible display parameter setting of supervision, analysis diagram.
  • Provide report printing setting.

10.Historical data management

  • Provide professional management to the vibration historical data pf multiple starting and stop of the equipment, providing help for vibration government and prediction maintenance.
  • Recur the vibration situation of multiple start and stop of the equipment, providing various kinds of analysis diagram display similar to on-line monitoring system.
  • Draw vibration fault diagnosis sign through data base inquiry, comprehensively compare the vibration change situation of different start and stop stage of the equipment, providing accordance for fault diagnosis.
  • Make categorizing management (wave, vibration characteristics, lifting speed data, alarm data, etc) to historical data. Provide convenient inquiry, display, report printing, etc.

11. Vibration fault analysis

  • JM-B-6E system provides various kinds of on-line real time vibration analysis function under instant status, steam status and alarm status of the equipment.
  • The system provides 12 vibration data analysis diagram: bar graph, data list, time period wave, frequency spectrum, axis path chart, bode plot, trend analysis diagram, pole graph, stack diagram, waterfall plot, two-dimensional holospectrum, axis central line diagram, etc.
  • Provide on-line running parameter setting method.

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